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The True Spirit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu . . . Demonstrated by Red Pandas?!

If you bring up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or “submission wrestling” at the water cooler, your listeners are going to have many different (and many false) impressions of what you’re talking about. They could imagine something like this suplex to flying armbar by Demetrius Johnson. But what you could be trying to communicate is something along the […]

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Making Sharp Techniques Sharper: 12/5 Tournament Results

Last Saturday, I coached my teammate Rubin Pushpangathan at The Good Fight’s Winter BJJ Open submissions-only tournament. He took 2nd place in white belt gi – a division I love to watch due to its elimination of avant-garde leg-lock games that are typically used to stall. Anyway, with two submission wins, a grueling back-and-forth in […]

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Jordan Burroughs Highlight

Wrestling is one of the most important yet under appreciated aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. The ability to take your opponent down allows you to utilize your ground skills to either submit or ground and pound your opponent. Your ability to defend takedowns allows you to keep the fight standing on your feet to make […]

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