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NJU Wins Team Title at Grappling Industries!

What a great training family and support network we’ve got here at NJU! Thanks to everyone who put in the medal-winning hard work on the mats, and thanks to the friends and family of our competitors who help make this all possible!

The NJU crew sure has been working very smart, hard, and consistently lately, and they proved it last Saturday at the Grappling Industries tournament in Paterson, NJ! In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu culture, It’s been said in many ways that participating in a tournament is the equivalent of four months of regular training. But then again, you won’t get that valuable competition experience if you don’t have solid training and training partners! On Saturday, our team proved that they understood the best of both of those worlds, and we took home the 1st Place Team Trophy to prove it.

All in all, our competitors took home 10 gold, 8 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Even the students who didn’t take gold had several victories regardless, giving NJU a grand total of 70 matches won. And when you take into account how stacked some white belt and blue belt divisions can be, some of our students had uphill climbs in front of them (especially our first-time competitors). In any case, we are proud of and thankful for all of our students who step it up to test their skills in competition. Remember that whether you win or lose on the mat, you’ve gained the knowledge to improve yourself, and so you’re better off than you’d be if you hadn’t been tested!

Lastly, here are the official results below. Again, we’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to compete, AND for all of the NJU students and members of the NJU family who attended the event to support us!

Results: Jon Cruz: 2 GOLDS (9 wins, 7 by submission) Tom Coda: 1 GOLD, 1 Silver (9 wins, 1 submission) Mike Russo: 1 GOLD (5 wins, 3 submissions) Steve Vega: 1 GOLD 9 (5 wins, 3 submissions) Darryl Guinto: 1 GOLD, 1 Silver (6 wins, 1 submission) Andres Villanueva: 1 GOLD, 1 Silver (5 wins, 1 submission) John Schaub: 1 GOLD (4 Wins, 3 submissions) Xavier Lozinguez: 1 GOLD (3 Wins, 2 submissions) Kris Musni: 1 GOLD (2 Wins, 2 submissions) Meidine Figueroa: 1 Silver (5 Wins, 4 submissions) Abilio Vargas: 1 Silver (3 Wins, 3 submissions) Justin Klepper: 1 Silver (2 Wins, 2 submissions)

Come train at NJ United Mixed Martial Arts and take advantage of our 7-day free trial offer! Whether you’re an aspiring competitor or casual student, you will benefit from training in our friendly, professional, and ego-free environment. Call us at 973-638-1570 to schedule your first class, and visit us on the web at for more info.

JJ Mike

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