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Strong Grappling Basics Should NOT Be Optional If You’re In Law Enforcement . . .

. . . and honestly, even if you’re not an officer, a solid knowledge of grappling fundamentals can turn stressful situations into routine ones. Check out this recent video in which an officer tries to break-up a fight between two young men (one of whom is definitely under the influence of something). As you’ll see, once things become hands-on, this officer does not look like a professional.

Here’s a point in the video where the officer could have snatched up a single-leg, which would have opened up a world of takedown possibilities for him. He then could have detained the young man without injury OR drama!)

Many articles have elaborated on many health and confidence-related benefits of regularly training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. However, another benefit that doesn’t get enough limelight is the fact that regular, tough, and smart training under quality instruction can make stressful street-situations into easy ones. In the above video, the young man who started trouble doesn’t appear to have any formal grappling training (regretfully, the same seems true of the police officer). The young man begins to get away from the officer’s hold by simply flailing, and the only reason the officer goes to the ground is because he tripped over his own feet! From here, the young man doesn’t have to be a martial arts expert to rain-down punches on the officer’s face.

Now, contrast that video with this basic single-leg takedown instructional from MMA legend Dan Henderson. With training of your own, this is a relatively easy takedown to impose on untrained people (and I imagine that it’s even easier to do if your opponent is drugged-up on the wrong stuff!). This takedown can be done with or without punches, and you don’t have to run the risk of hurting your kneecaps by dropping them down to the pavement.

If you’re in law enforcement, make sure you’re training with instructors who know how to neutralize the dangerous what-if’s! Train for the worst, and the best always happens!

If you’re working toward a career in law enforcement, or if you’re an officer already, contact NJ United MMA to schedule a free class! Our instructors are super-helpful and will assist you regarding any of your self-defense related questions. If you learn practical self-defense in a safe environment with a friendly training family, then any self-defense situation on the street will be a lot less stressful and easier to deal with!

JJ Mike


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