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A lesser-known reason why Muay Thai is so cool . . .

. . . is because you can train on your own, without any special equipment! With just a minimal amount of striking knowledge, you can sharpen and grow that knowledge on your own via shadowboxing. Now some people may feel self-conscious about punching and kicking the air, without equipment or a partner. But really, if […]

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Runner? Hiker? Spartan / Tough Mudder racer? Muay Thai fits perfectly with that!

Since I started working at NJ United MMA, I’ve seen some people sign-up for Muay Thai memberships while having almost no exercise experience at all. God bless those individuals – it takes guts to go from nothing and straight into a contact martial art like Muay Thai, even if you don’t elect to spar! However, […]

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My Experience at NJU’s First Wim Hof Workshop (It was Awesome)

When I was in college, I remember my favorite professor describing the creative writing process: “It’s hard to be simple, but it doesn’t have to be.” I think that’s true of any walk of life. Over-complicating things seems to come natural to us, and the first things we forget are the basics. That’s a lesson […]

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