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Skeptical of “complex” martial arts? Keep it simple!

During my days of managing an MMA academy, I’ve spoken with plenty of first-time students about their apprehensions to starting their training. Of course, these concerns sometimes have to do with how friendly the other students are, how much a membership package will cost, etc. But I find that once a student has decided in […]

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Let’s look at “motivation” differently!

In my last blog entry, I discussed how the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle combats depression by setting the body AND the mind in motion. BJJ is called “human chess” for a reason. When you’re present in the moment of a drill or a sparring match, and when you know there’s a way for you to win […]

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There’s no workout like a Muay Thai workout!

I’m the kind of person who wants the best version of whatever it is he’s aiming for. When I was a little kid, I could always tell the difference between Special K cereal and its knockoff competitors, so only the true Special K sufficed! When it came time for me to get my first car, […]

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