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Maia and Askren – The Principles of The Best!

The recent UFC fight between Ben Askren and Demian Maia had that special selling-appeal of unstoppable force vs. immovable object. Askren has been on a tear with a record of 19-1, mauling his opposition with superior wrestling and positional control. Maia’s record of 27-9 doesn’t sound as impressive at first. However, when you consider who […]

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A lesson in “high-percentage” martial arts – Niko Price vs. James Vick @ UFC Fight Night 161!

If you have a minute and forty-four seconds to spare, check out this fight from UFC Fight Night 161 last Saturday. Not only is it a quick and entertaining fight, but it’s a great lesson for those among you who are interested in taking up martial arts. It’s important for you to train what I’d […]

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