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Vital BJJ-Basics for Rookie Cops!

The reason Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training has gained traction in the LEO community is because of it directly applies to some of the worst situations they can face! 

I’ve had the pleasure of training with lots of police officers at NJ United MMA. One common theme that many of them have repeated is their dissatisfaction with the lack of or quality of self-defense training in police training academies. In recent history, this has led many officers to seek formal self-defense training at specialized MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies.

Check out what veteran officer Tyson Kilbey has to say about the matter over at While there is plenty about policing that only a police academy can teach, Kilbey has been around the block enough to observe:

There is a growing movement in the law enforcement community to incorporate Gracie or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in defensive tactics programs. The reasons for this are simple. Jiu Jitsu is a highly effective means of controlling or disengaging from a bigger and stronger attacker while at the same time inflicting a minimal amount of damage.”

If you’re a police officer or considering such a career, it’s wise for you to consider how consistent BJJ training fits perfectly into the nature of your work!

Other experienced officers have contributed to the #bjjmakeitmandatory movement that has been popping up on social media. One group of officers put it bluntly thus:

“The truth is, most cops are scared of getting dominated in combat sports because it goes directly against their “Alpha Psychology”. Finding excuses is a coping mechanism used to justify not doing it. Most are actually willing to play odds of “this won’t happen to me” and frankly it’s scary. People in the industry, in which an actual job description is confrontation, are willingly not getting proficient in skills that would help them when confrontation turns physical.”

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu culture, one repeated cliché I’ve seen repeated is: “Train as if your life depends on it, because one day it will.” Well, it’s an oft-repeated cliché because it’s far more likely to come true for police officers than for people in most other walks of life! The only step from there is deciding whether you’re going to live-out this truth in your own life, or get a very rude awakening at an unexpected time.

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