Totowa MMA: A look inside NJ United Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Weight-loss or strength-building? Muay Thai is the best of both worlds!

Every Muay Thai class is a workout that will engage and challenge the body and the mind. You’ll also build some unexpectedly cool relationships!

Before Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu were my main fitness habits, I used to hit the traditional gym like most other people do. And today, I’ll still go to the gym, but only if I have a specific fitness goal or plan to compete. There are many reasons why I made this switch, but here I want to focus on the straight-up physical. I used to segment my training as I worked toward being a complete, fit human being – I had a cardio-day, an arms and back day, a day for core body work, and of course the dreaded leg day. But when I took up Muay Thai, I quickly noticed that there was no “day” for anything. It was a total-body workout that was complex on the technical level, but astoundingly simple to apply.

Sure, if you train Muay Thai consistently, the curriculum of the lessons will vary week to week. Sometimes you’ll be working offense, and others defense. Sometimes you’ll be working on how to punch and kick from long distances, and other times you’ll enter or get out of close-range situations. The martial art has its easy-to-learn and tough-to-learn nuances, just like any other worthwhile activity does. And of course, you’re going to have days on which you learn things easily, and other days when your grasp on other concepts a bit slower. But no matter what kind of technical day you’re having in Muay Thai class, you’ll always be engaged in the process of trimming-down your body to its natural weight and size.

Here at NJ United MMA, we offer kettlebells classes following many of our Muay Thai classes. Strength training and Muay Thai training go together like peas and carrots!

It’s unfortunate that we tend to think of the human body as being a simple vehicle to hold the brain, that one “smart” organ. Well, the truth is that every system of the body could be considered a genius! Sometimes, you just need to let all of these systems and muscle-groups engage in some intense, disciplined play. Your body will go into auto-pilot mode to burn fat, and since it is indeed smart, it’ll build-up the lean muscle you need to excel at any position Muay Thai can throw at you! Do you want to build muscle in addition to this? If so, your Muay Thai training will give you a level, solid foundation from which you can achieve that goal. It really is a win-win situation!

JJ Mike

Come train at NJ United Mixed Martial Arts and take advantage of our 7-day free trial offer! Whether you’re an aspiring competitor or casual student, you will benefit from training in our friendly, professional, and ego-free environment. Call us at 973-638-1570 to schedule your first class, and visit us on the web at for more info.

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