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“Why not just learn martial arts from Youtube?”

There are some valuable moves to learn on Youtube . . . but the internet won’t give you anything close to a training family who grows with you!

The above question was put forth to me years ago by a young man who had just taken his first classes in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He was being partially sarcastic – although new to things, he knew enough to perceive that learning the nuances of a martial art cannot be 100% accomplished through the internet. But he was also being partially serious – after all, if you can watch a fight veteran and master instructor demonstrate a move on, and then if you drill that move, then doesn’t that count for something? Well, I think it does count for something, but that “something” isn’t necessarily something you want.  Daniel J. Boorstin often said that “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” A diet heavy in internet martial arts gives you that illusion.

Whether you’re young or old, make sure you’re learning from instructors who are willing to give you specific, nuanced feedback!

Don’t get me wrong – Youtube and the internet in general have helped expedite the growth of martial arts at an amazing rate. After a training session here at NJ United MMA, I’ll sometimes bring up a Youtube video of a move pertaining to what I need to work on technically. But this is more akin to taking a diet supplement or a bite of a protein bar. On the other hand, the philosophy of “Why not just learn from Youtube?” is more akin to OD’ing on diet supplements and protein bars. Aside from the indigestion-factor, this is plain-old unhealthy!

I have a Youtube account filled with playlists of moves and counters from every position. But when I look back at my journey from white belt to black belt instructor, I’d honestly have to say that I owe 1% or less of my growth to Youtube. And guess what – there were times when I unknowingly used Youtube to indoctrinated myself with moves that were low-grade, flashy for flashiness’s sake, or just plain-old dumb. And worse, it took longer to work them out of my system than it did to work into my system.

Long story short, you need a strong academy of fellow martial artists if you want to gain even the tangential benefits of true martial arts! Along with realistic drilling and sparring, the insight of qualified instructors and experienced training partners are invaluable!

JJ Mike

Come train at NJ United Mixed Martial Arts and take advantage of our 7-day free trial offer! Whether you’re an aspiring competitor or casual student, you will benefit from training in our friendly, professional, and ego-free environment. Call us at 973-638-1570 to schedule your first class, and visit us on the web at for more info.

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