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Grappling Tournaments in NJ | Greg J. Wins GOLD

NAGA: North American Championships Last weekend NJ United Mixed Martial Arts student Greg J. brought home the championship belt from one of the toughest grappling tournaments in NJ. The North American Grapplers Association (NAGA) hosts events throughout the United States, drawing some of the most talented grapplers from the area to each event. Purple Belt […]

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Grapplers Quest: US Nationals

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone from NJ United Mixed Martial Arts that competed today at the Grapplers Quest! We had 5 students compete and we came home with 7 medals! Congratulations to Hanyann, Steve, Adam, Andrey, and Steve on their great performances today. These 5 NJ United Mixed Martial Arts competitors brought home 7 medals on the day, […]

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