Totowa MMA: A look inside NJ United Mixed Martial Arts Academy

The devil’s in the details. Here’s how to tap him out!

Are you new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? All of our instructors and senior students have walked the path you’re on, and they’re all willing to help you grow and refine your game!

Check out this short, recent article and video from Basically, it raises an important issue that is asked in some form by everyone who wants to go beyond the first level of their field of study:

Why isn’t this technique working in THIS kind of situation?

Now, you may be able to relate better to this question if you substitute “situation” with an aspect of your work, or a hobby that requires nuanced skill. It could be anything from building a house to fixing a car, to solving a business-related problem to overcoming a tough challenge in a videogame. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you start with basic, straightforward instruction. Without that, you may not have the eyes to see the later nuances. At NJ United MMA, we make sure to tailor our instruction to help you learn the basics . . . and if your basics are solid, then we’ll look into how and when you’re applying them so that you can further refine your game!

Andres is one of our white belts here at NJU. With just six months of training, he was able to use his closed guard and halfguard skills to take gold in his first tournament! You can use the halfguard on your very first day of BJJ training. However, it can take a long while to use this position well . . . if you don’t have experienced, nuanced instruction on your side!

You can perform BJJ basics on your very first day of training. But once you’ve put in a bit of practice, you’ll soon hit perplexing barriers in your craft. After all, you’ll eventually train with partners who know the basics just like you! Try as you might, you’ll exhaust options and burn a lot of energy trying to leap over or smash through these barriers, but nothing will suffice. Sure, every now and then you’ll find a Youtube video or two that will offer some interesting help. But only training gets you better at training. This being the case, make sure that your training ground is a home-away-from-home – a friendly place with your long-term best in mind.

If videos and instructionals are supplements, then consistent training with experienced professionals is the meat and potatoes of your BJJ or Muay Thai. So come try out a class at a place where you can start training in a no-pressure environment, or get your current game the help it needs through the help of friendly, professional technicians!

Come train at NJ United Mixed Martial Arts and take advantage of our 7-day free trial offer! Whether you’re an aspiring competitor or casual student, you will benefit from training in our friendly, professional, and ego-free environment. Call us at 973-638-1570 to schedule your first class, and visit us on the web at for more info.

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