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Runner? Hiker? Spartan / Tough Mudder racer? Muay Thai fits perfectly with that!

Since I started working at NJ United MMA, I’ve seen some people sign-up for Muay Thai memberships while having almost no exercise experience at all. God bless those individuals – it takes guts to go from nothing and straight into a contact martial art like Muay Thai, even if you don’t elect to spar! However, […]

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Weight-loss or strength-building? Muay Thai is the best of both worlds!

Before Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu were my main fitness habits, I used to hit the traditional gym like most other people do. And today, I’ll still go to the gym, but only if I have a specific fitness goal or plan to compete. There are many reasons why I made this switch, but here […]

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